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I guess this is the nth time you are reading one of these 2012 posts, but it is imperative for me that I write one! So, here goes. 

2012 was a blast for me. It was a year of travel, a year of discovery, and not a year of reading books ha ha! 
I've learned a lot, I know what I want, and have made leaps and decisions that I would never have thought I would have done! Here's some significant milestones in this year. And hopefully I'll get to publish some thoughts on what I want 2013 to bring! 

February 2012
First solo international trip to Seoul and Pyeongchang, South Korea. I was supposed to go with friends but since they had rescheduled their trip and I was not prepared to pay the rebooking fee, I went alone. It was the first time I ever traveled abroad by myself and my gosh, was it a fun time! It was also the first time I saw snow, learned how to snowboard, and basically met new friends along the way. It was also the first time I had to get a visa on my own (no company-sponsored visas anymore!) 

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March 2012
In March, I got to travel again, this time to a local destination. Booked a last minute flight to Laoag and dragged my teammate to go with me! Our itinerary went: Laoag-Pagudpod-Vigan-Laoag. 
Whilst it felt very Amazing Race-ish, and we spent nearly two days in a tricycle being ferried from site to site, it was definitely worth it and I got to tick off a place I wanted to go to from the list! 

June 2012
A few months from this date, there was a piso fare from local airline Cebu Pacific, and I booked a trip to a random destination, this time being Shanghai, China. Having never set foot in China (I used to always say I didn't want to go to China, but hey never say never), shanghai made me think that the whole country as just absolutely amazing and a place that I would want to go back to. 
I also met some interesting people and saw a culture entirely sifferent from mine! 

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  1. Would really love to go to South Korea someday. I'm bookmarking your posts there!

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