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This is my best read of 2011. Hands down. No other book could possibly top this. Yes, it seems I'm very biased considering that I'm such a HUGE effing fan of this band.

And so, this is my long thought-of review of Take That - Take Two. The picture on the side was taken when I saw the book on my bed [after the package was so conveniently opened by a member of the family]. I actually squealed when I saw this book on my bed, and made numerous blog entries about thinking of getting this book, from the Book Depository experience, to an In My Mailbox post, to the time I bought the book, and an On My Wishlist post. I really can't beleive I'm reviewing this book, and I own it. I really can't.

So, what's the book about? It's a photo book filled with photos of the band from the time they had reunited in 2005, and following their success until 2009. Why's it called Take Two? Because it's their second time to come back, I guess.
There are numerous photos in there, and some photos have captions that have been written [or provided, I dunno] by certain members of the band. My favourite quote though: "Ten Years On and Howard still does it. Bastard. - Jason" That cracked me up. Well, if you could see the photo that accompanied the quote or if you're a huge fan of the band then maybe you'll get what I'm saying as well. :)

My favourite photos from the book:
The photo that was given to the band and they all had framed. It's cute, reminds me of a Boyzone photo as well where they're in a round table!

And is it obvious that I am a huge fan of Jason? The other two photos I am featuring here are of him!

I did like several other photos from the book as well but I'm too lazy to take photos of it. =) Plus, I'm still busy drooling over it. teehee. If you're a HUGE fan of the band, get a copy of this -- if you could find one! It is a huge must-have for your collection. Get Take One too. Both books look like they're yearbooks of sorts, one that you would definitely want to keep. The book is HUGE and heavy, and definitely one that you would want to keep on your bookshelf, or beside your bed to drool over. harhar. That is, if you are ready to cough up nearly 20 pounds per book [around $40 per book. I was lucky I just got the book for $30, it was on sale].

I will review Take One when I get my hands on it from Dubai, and after reading it, of course. It would be nice to re-read Take Two after poring over Take One, you know, just to see the differences on how they look like. =p

Published: 2009
Available From: Amazon.
Publisher: Penguin books/Michael Joseph
Book was: bought from the Book Depository
Rating: Best.Book.Ever. [5/5]

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