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Recent update of artists in MNL -- Maroon 5 and Ne-Yo. On thoughts about Click.

So okay. Got a chance to meet maroon 5 and ne-yo.

Will post photos and my account of what happened as soon as I can.

I'm suffering a heartbreak right now. I found out that one of my fave bands [Click 5]
will be dropping by MNL this May, but I'm gonna be out of the country at the time.

But oh well.

As they say, "When a door closes, a window opens."

Wonder what that window will be?

I'm just thankful that I got a chance to meet Maroon 5 and Ne-Yo.

Hopefully Incubus, Colbie Caillat and Mandy Moore too.

Then maybe some more in April-June while I'm out of the country.


Maybe that's the window.

Problem is, the door slammed shut right in my face, and yet, I can't still seem to find the window.


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