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2013: A Look Back.

I should always do a quick look back post each and every year, regardless if I'm feeling lazy or not.

So, 2013 is a roller coaster year for me. Here's a breakdown of what I did:

1) Passed CIMA C04: Business Economics Exam. Yay!
2) Went to Siem Reap & Phnom Penh, Cambodia - February 2013
3) Went to Bangkok, Kanchanaburi & Pattaya, Thailand - March 2013
4) Went to Calaguas Island, Philippines - May 2013
5) Went to Dumaguete, Siquijor & Oslob, Cebu - May 2013
6) Went to El Nido & Puerto Princesa, Palawan - August 2013
7) Went to Singapore & the 2013 Grand Prix, and Johor Bahru, Malaysia - September 2013
8) Moved to America - Jacksonville, Florida - October 11, 2013
9) Finished 4 books: One Day - David Nicholls, The Fault in Our Stars - John Green, and two others I cannot remember for the life of me, to be honest.
10) Fell out of love.
11) Fell back in love
12) Discovered and did things I never thought I would before.
13) Went to Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island in Florida - November 2013
14) Went to Charleston, South Carolina - November 2013
15) Went to Cumberland Island, Georgia - November 2013
16) New York City - December 2013.
17) Been to 4 States (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, New York) in the United States of America within a span of two months - a great feat indeed!
18) Conquered Batad, Benguet - June 2013

Here's to more travels, adventures, and experiences ahead :) Here's to 2014!

[Review] One Day - David Nicholls

I've just checked and the last time I blogged was two months ago, wow. I haven't really been up to much, just traveling and well, living my life in general. It was only a few days ago that I got to finish a book, and it was "One Day" by David Nicholls.
I initially started this book two years ago, when I picked it up from Tesco while I was living in the UK. I picked this up again in Manila, and now, I finished it when I am now living in the US

It was a cute story - of course, I've seen the movie before I read the book but the movie and the story did not really differ much from each other. It's the story about Emma and Dexter, who met in uni, had gone their separate ways, but remained friends despite everything else.

And while it does have a tragic ending, the book paints a really, really cute picture of two people who should belong together, and do belong together, even during the years that they are not together as a couple.

It is a story of love, and loss, of moving on, growing up, and everything that life can throw at you.
What I like about this story is that it's so realistic, it paints an entirely big picture of how big and bad the world is.
I also love the fact that it paints a very, very great picture of Edinburgh too, one of my favourite cities in the world!
Do pick this book up if you liked the movie, available at your local bookstores online or in-store.

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