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Happy 09! :)

May 09 give us more events, cool movies, and anything else under the sun..

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect from me from '09:

1. Book reviews --> I've currently joined an online book club and it has a 24 book challenge to finish in '09. Being such a slow reader, this is a tough one for me but i hope i'll manage. I'll try to review new books that I finish and post them here :)

2. Movie reviews --> I don't really go out to watch movies often but hey, i'll try to update soon.

3. Concert/Play/Musical reviews --> My favourite. I absolutely LOVE going to concerts and plays. Watch out for it soon :)

4. Album reviews --> So okay, I'm biased with the international pop acts :)

Have a happy '09 everyone. Any plans to come for the year?

Fall Out Boy in Manila, Feb 13, 2009

Oh my gosh. I'm freaking out.

Fall out Boy will be having a gig on Friday, Feb 13th, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Tickets are now being sold through ticketnet:

They're quite expensive but I'll find a way to watch this concert!

Panic At The Disco -- Manila

**Cross-posted with another blog post from another blog site.**

I literally freaked out when I saw on the ticketnet website that one of my favourite bands is going to perform in MNL.

Problem was, I didn't have any tickets nor any cash saved up for good tickets.

So a friend of mine recommended that I joined a Getzmo promo for tickets, and lady luck was smiling upon me as I was one of two winners of the promo.

I dragged my friend since grade school to come along with me, in fact, she also joined the promo, and we got ace seats to the concert.

We had a blast!

The opening act was a band called Crowned King -- they sang a few songs, but the first song was my favourite, "Don't Let Go", which was quite catchy.

Then came Panic At The Disco.

Brendon was so gorge up close. Now I was totally regretting not going to their autograph signing the day before [even though friends told me it was absolute chaos]. The guys sang a lot of songs and the concert ended at around 11.

But wait, there's more.

After the concert, the guys from Crowned King came out for an autograph signing, but I was too dazed with PATD that I was late for the signing and all the CDs had been sold out. DOH.

However, I managed to get a photo with the piano player. Surreal. He just walked up to me, and asked me if I wanted a photo.

Of course I said yes. :)

There were a lot of guards surrounding us at that time, which felt a wee bit awkward, but then again, the photo turned out so nicely I was over the moon.

Anyhow, I didn't get to take any good photos from the event, only videos.

Below is "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed for Me)" by PATD.

Apologies if it's shaky or if you hear my constant screaming.

So it's four months late, but its better late than never.

Something new for today # 2

So okay.. I haven't been posting the something new for today series... :)

Yesterday, I got my Starbucks 2009 planner in red. It was sooo cute.

Now I want the other colours for my journals... Yes, I do write a lot..

Contribute your sticker to me before January now! :D

The Day the Earth Stood Still - A Movie Review.

**Cross-posting this from another blog that I contribute to**


The most boring movie I've ever seen for 2008 hands down.

Although the content is very meaningful, the interpretation was menial. And did I mention boring? I thought there'd be awesome action sequences, but it turns out it was just a mix of Constantine and The Matrix.

Oh yes. I am typcasting Keanu on those two roles.

Better watch this on DVD instead of the big screen. Save your money during this financial crisis.

However, I find it quite odd that it was at the top of the box office charts this week.
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Something new for today #1

In an effort to experience everything, I am launching my "Something new for today" series. This is a post where I try or read or do whatever new for the day.

For today, 09/12/2008, I tried this yoghurt from California Berry -- its called Cherry on Top.

A wee bit expensive, if you ask me, P115 for a medium cup topped with cherries, oreo & almonds, but hey, it's my something new for the day, yeah? :)

Tomorrow's another day, another post. tata!

London, how I miss thee....

I love the smells, the sights, the sounds.

I loved ye ever since I was a tot.

I love the events and acts that graze your presence.

They would never miss a trip without going to your graces.

I will definitely come back, oh yes I will.

Wait for me, I'll find a way.

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