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On contentment.

Why can't man ever be contented with the things that they have? You always yearn for more, and yet that "more" can not always be attained.

Why wait or hope for something that doesn't have any certainty?

Why, why, why......

Thinking all about these gives me a headache.

Quote for the day: "Too much of a good thing is bad...."

On David Cook and American Idol 7.

I never was a fan of American Idol. I've never tried watching one whole episode from season one until now.

But then it changed when D, a friend of mine, introduced me to David Cook. I liked his version of some of the songs he sang in AI, but then he sang U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" which made me love him!

So officially, I am now a fan of David Cook and I was more than pleased when I found out that he won! Happy.Happy.Joy.Joy.

So this post isn't necessarily about my adventure, I just wanted to share that I'm happy he won =)

Till next time!

Lifehouse in Manila.

Get ready for another concert here in MNL coming in July!

If your planner is still not full, you can add Lifehouse at the Araneta Coliseum on July 26th, Saturday.

Although it's still not up at Ticketnet's site, it is already posted in Lifehouse's official website

Here's a screenshot for your reference:

Will update more if I get tickets already or if there is new information out.

Another event to watch out for this July is Daughtry!

Ooooh.. The bank account will certainly complain now!

Zero Fares for Cebu Pac.

That's right. Zero fare for international/domestic flights for CebuPac.

I'm very tempted to go to Vietnam. Hmm..... Gotta check the trusty old bank account if I've got funds

Just checked, I've got none =)

But nevertheless. Will that stop me? I sure hope not!

Will post again if I've *gulp* booked a flight already!

Daughtry live in Manila.

So they are having a concert here! And after being pestered [kidding! :P] by a friend of mine to watch the concert, I gave in and bought the tickets.


It's going to be on July 29th, Tuesday, at the Eastwood Central Plaza.

For those of you who are coming [from GT or wherever], let me know so we could meet up =)

We're going to be seated at the VIP Centre area, row F.

just because i had to update... =)

OMG so many foreign acts are coming to MNL!

Vanessa Carlton at the Ayala Malls on May 9-11. Er... dunno if I'll watch since I might have weekend plans to go out of Manila. If that weekend plan won't push through then I'm definitely going to Vanessa Carlton. It's FREE of charge [if you have the Ayala card, of course]. How cool is that?
James Blunt on May 19 -- dunno if I'll watch. It depends on my budget.
The Click Five on May 30th -- SOOOOO STOKED for this. I postponed my London trip for a week just to watch this concert :P Secured my tickets last March [excited??]
Daughtry -- sometime in July. Gosh. I hope I get tickets.
Paramore -- rumoured rumoured.
Alicia Keys on Aug 5 -- dunno if I'll watch :)
Panic at the Disco on Aug 14 -- i will deffo watch, just need to secure tickets by Tuesday, May 6th, perhaps.

Oh My. I can't wait for them. They'll be new concert adventures [if i find the money to pay for them].

On another note, I am going off to another adventure. I am going to England on June and won't be returning till July. How cool is that? I hope to post some experiences/photos when I've got them around :P

My life has been quite boring lately. I haven't found myself some new adventures.

Oh wait. Last weekend [April 26th], I went to Fort Santiago, Intramuros, and just walked around the ancient wall. Downside? I left my camera! Shit.
I also went to SM Mall of Asia [MOA for those of you who don't know it] and watched U2 3D. Awesome, awesome show. For those of you who still hasn't watched this, go and do so to experience [an almost] U2 concert experience. Quite a hefty price to pay P500 for MOA, but well worth it.
Did you know that there were also fireworks at 7pm around the Bay area behind MOA at the time? I watched it too, 'twas awesome.
And did I mention that I forgot my camera when all this was happening? Another shit moment.

April 27th -- Gossip Girl marathon. Did I mention that this tv show is also awesome??? Definitely something worth watching.

Recent addictions for the month: cosmetics. Just bought myself some goodies from MAC's Fafi collection since I love all things cute. Can you blame me if I bought them for the packaging? Oh, may I add that I love the quality of their products as well. If i'm not too lazy to post then I might as well post FOTDs and product reviews and make this blog alive. =)

I am also trying to sell some mineral makeup. So buy if you can! haha.

Gotta run, will post more updates soon =)

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