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Three years of Octobers.

Two years ago at this time, I was still in London enjoying autumn.
I had to say goodbye to someone who I really cared about because I was going home.
I booked last minute trips to Cardiff and Belfast just so I could complete the goal of visiting the capitals of all the countries that make up the UK.
I bought boots, a thick jacket, and a huge 65L backpack that I was saving to use when I decide to travel long term, inspired by my new friends.
And so, on the car to the airport, on a sunny autumn day, I shed loads of tears as I said goodbye to my favourite city in the world, vowing to come back, but i just don't know when.

A year ago, also in October, I jumped on a plane on a solo backpacking trip to Vietnam.
Little did I know how much my life would change since then.
As I was researching the trip, I stumbled upon a place called Nha Trang and something inside me told me to go there.
I met an amazing person in Vietnam. I fell in  love and fell out of love some months later. And though it hurt, it's not something I would want to forget.
That place was absolutely memorable. It was someplace I never expected to go to, and sometimes the unexpected can bring you things you never thought would happen.

This October, I am embarking on yet another journey, this time to the other side of the world.
And though I have had other assignments before, this one is longer term, and well, I am still scared.

But reading up on other blogs made me realize, hey, its scary, but fear can be conquered.

Three Octobers. And October 2013 is still starting.

Crazy but if you think about all the amazing things that can happen everyday in your life, you would know that you're blessed.

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