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Hong Kong 2009.

I am overwhelmed at the number of things I could do in this place! It's less than 2 wks before I leave MNL for a relaxing [but quite an expensive] experience with my mum! I am trying to plan our itinerary [we're doing a DIY trip] and hopefully we'll get to go to all the places we want plus some shopping along the way, after all, we are going there during the sale season!

I'm gonna be broke but happy!

I'll try to post photos and my final itinerary during or after my trip :)

So far, here's our proposed itinerary, we'll be staying 6d 5n in HK! :D Trip next year would also cover HK but more on Macau & Shenzen. This is it! I will be a jetsetter! :D

July 8th
arrive at 11am in HKIA via Cebu Pacific [booked via their sale last May :) ]
-- grab bags & head on to shuttle service of hotel [will be staying at Evergreen Hotel in Jordan] OR go around the terminal for a while & grab some lunch.
-- Check-in at hotel
-- After check-in, go to Sha Tin District: 10,000 buddhas, Snoopy's World, New Town Plaza & other areas of interest in Sha Tin
-- Evening: TST/Mong Kok/Avenue of the Stars/Symphony of Lights [subject to the time we arrive back]/Jordan Night Market

July 9th:
Hong Kong Disneyland [10am-8pm]
9pm onwards -- more shopping. Where exactly is subjectie.

July 10th:
Ocean Park
TST/Avenue of the Stars [subjective

July 11th:
Noah's Ark, Park Island. [10am onwards]. Nan Lian Gardens.

July 12th:
Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island, Giant Buddha, Tsing Yi Bridge, Citygate Outlet Shops, The Peak

July 13th:
More shopping/TST/HK Science Museum [subjective]
- 6pm - leave hotel for airport
- 9pm - leave HK for MNL

Happy Happy! :) Can't wait for more adventures!

My Fave Book? Angela's Ashes.

Narrowing down my favourite book of all time is extremely difficult. I may not have been the most well-read person around but I have read quite a number of books on my free or idle time. As part of the Bloggers Book Club Contest, my choice for my favourite book [this may eventually change over time] is "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt.

It's his autobiography, and chronicles most of his early childhood -- from his slum days in Limerick, Ireland, to his family's eventual move for a better life to New York City, USA.

I first read this way back in 2001 and I keep reading and reading it again.

Why do I love it so much? It's written in such a way that would move you. He writes in such a way that would make you laugh out loud at some of his memoirs, which could be pretty embarassing specially if you're reading the book at a public place. It also has the capacity to move you to tears, and there are quite a lot of them in the book.

Overall, this is a good start if you plan to read an autobiography. Frank McCourt may not be a well-known celebrity but his life is definitely interesting and well worth the read.

Additional info -- this book was actually adapted into a movie! I was searching the internet and it also popped out in IMDB. Awesome. I'll try to watch the movie and see if it does any justice to the book.
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Back to the '90s

I'm playing The Moffatts songs over and over again in my iPod.

Why can't it not be the '90s anymore? Back when boy bands are in, telly shows were still dubbed in English, and everything seems to be so much simpler?

The good old days.

I'm typing this on behalf of a rainy Wednesday afternoon, as I sit here in front of my computer, trying to look all busy. I have a mountain of work but my mind keeps wandering away.

I want to go to the bookstore. I want to pick up a book that I don't need just for the saking of getting it. I want to go to the shoe store. I want to pick up a new pair of shoes to uplift my spirits.
I NEED to get a USB LAN for my laptop as well.

3 weeks till my trip abroad. Woohoo. I can't wait.

Nearly 4 hours to go before I get a chance to listen to a chapter in an audio book I'm "reading" again. Or better yet, I could start listening again now. Multitasking has always been a god-send.
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What excites you?

For me, it'll be the following:

  • Travelling to another foreign place, be it locally or internationally.
  • Finishing a new book
  • The prospect of starting a new book and eventually getting to finish it within a few weeks/months
  • Finishing a computer game
  • Watching a concert.
  • Watching a new episode of a telly show I got really hooked and/or addicted to
  • Watching a movie I've anticipated
  • Shopping for shoes, clothes, books, or any other item under the sun.

I'll be blogging in a few days with regards to my favourite books. This is a tough call for me to do. I don't have a specific favourite book!

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Woohoo. Book # 4 for 2009! :)

It is a set of 12 stories by Arthur Conan Doyle which are all mysteries that were solved [or were looked into] by Sherlock Holmes.

Some of the tales have the same central theme [ie money-matters] whilst others are just plain predictable.

3/5 stars. I've read better books :) Can't wait for the movie though!

Lipstick Jungle [Telly Series]

So, it was supposed to be just a telly series that would alternate between Bones & Pushing Daisies. A little chick-type telly series which makes you feel all warm & fuzzy on some of their bonding sessions and jealous at the girls success in their careers, their indispensable incomes & having incredibly fabulous lifestyles & outfits to match!

This telly series was based on a book by Candace Bushnell [Think Sex & The City] and the story revolves around three central characters: Wendy Healy [not sure about the spelling of her surname], a successful movie executive at Parador Pictures, Victory Ford, a fashion designer struggling because of reviews for her past two collections & Nico Reilly, editor-in-chief of a successful magazine.

I was sooo hooked especially Joe/Victory's on again-off again relationship.
Such a shame the series was cancelled. Would've been nice to continue this.
Now off to watch some other new telly program to get hooked on! :)

Telly list.
Currently downloading: The Tudors Season 3 episodes 2-3. [episodes4-8 are queued]
Currently watching: Bones season 3.

Davao 2009

Davao 2009!

Two weekends ago, I had a chance to go over to Davao. It was a 3day-3night trip. Our itinerary are as follows:

May 22 09:
- 7pm -- depart Manila for Davao via CebuPac
- 9pm -- arrive in Davao.

May 23 09:
- 7am -- very early call to Crocodile Park for our Wild Water Rafting Adventure.
- 5pm -- arrived back to the city;
- 7pm -- dinner at the bbq place beside Croc Park
- 8pm -- Jack's Ridge

May 24 09:
- 8am -- off to Malagos Bird Park
- Philippine Eagle Sanctuary
- Eden Nature Park
- mass at Assumption Church
- shopping for souvenirs -- pomelos & durian candy

May 25 09:
- Paradise Beach Resort, Samal Island
- Aldevinco Shopping Center [shopping for souvenirs]
- Outland Adventure Zipline [longest zipline in Davao]
- SM Davao for merienda/early dinner
- Davao International Airport. 730pm departure via CebuPac

I'm currently posting photos via multiply now. Will upload more details in a separate post once done! :)

**I know I'm currently behind on my book blog but bear with me, I haven't been reading that much though I'm desperately trying to catch up!
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