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[Freebies/In My Mailbox] March 25th, 2014

So, another day of freebies again today :)

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a Bath and Body Works offer - you refer a friend's email address and both of you get a free soap from BBW.
Of course, I referred the bf's email address.

So I got Aloha Orchid for myself. At the time we claimed this offer, the bf did not get the email yet. He only got it a few hours after.

Then, when I checked my mail today, I got a few things, most of them I am very happy with.

April 2014 issue of Marie Claire - free 1 year subscription c/o mercury magazines. This is my 4th issue so far.
March 2014 issue of Vogue - free 1 year subscription - points redeened from rewardsurvey.com. This is my 1st issue so far.

Then a couple of weeks ago, me and the bf had signed up to get free magicbands from Walt Disney World. They are offering this to annual passholders. Since we plan to renew our passes every year to WDW (We live 2 1/2 hrs away from Orlando so it us not a biggie to drive there and just spend an entire day there and go back home), we thought this would be an excellent deal.

I love the level of detail the package has. And also that you can customize your magicband. As you can see, my name is printed in the box.. and embossed in the magicband. The boyfriend's name is printed and embossed on his. He just had to pick the colour blue.

So, there you go. Another day of freebies. Out of pocket: $0

Maybe next week I'll post what I borrowed from the library :)

[Beauty Haul] Bath and Body Works + L'Occitane

Where else can you find a place that has amazing deals?
This is one of the reasons why i love living in America.

Out of pocket:
$1.87 for hand sanitizers (x4)
$3 for L'Occitane hand cream fans edition

4 fragrance mists from BBW - full size.
3 travel sized lotion/shower gel

How to get it:
Liked L'Occitane and claimed an offer they had for cheap hand cream (L'Occitane is an expensive brand. The mere fact that I could get 3 hand creams for $3 was an excellent steal)

Claimed 2 separate offers last Thursday and Friday for BBW. Free fragrance mist with any purchase as a celebration of the fragrance day. Decided to just buy pocketbac as it was the cheapestthing they had in the store that i would definitely use (I did consider getting the pocketbac holder for $.50 but I don't really use it as much)

Redeemed a coupon for free travel sized signature collection, no purchase necessary. This coupon was mailed to my bf's parents house, and his mum gave it to me cos she knows how much Iove BBW.

Redeemed an offer to get a travel sized lotion from the new Hawaii collection.

Note: my bf claims deals and offers with me so we gave 2 of everything.

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