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Post-Holiday Blues.

So, do you ever get the feeling that after your long, relaxing getaway, you have to wake up the next morning and have to get back to work? Ugh. Dread. Dread. Dread. Sometimes I just think that without work, no travels, no holidays, no getaways, no MONEY! Eeeeep!

Anyway, I've been out of the cyber world for quite some time again since I've been to Boracay! Wheee. It's my first time in that island paradise in the Philippines and I'm loving it! Will probs post something about it when I have time, which I always seem to lack! Grrr...

Going on overtime for this month for an hour or two everyday is definitely not one of my happiest times. I haven't finished a book for the longest time, haven't stayed up late watching tv shows or movies [although admittedly, I have stayed up late numerous times watching Discovery Travel and Living -- I love that channel], and well, haven't really been living my life except work, work work. *sigh* The things you have to do in life to live, eh?

Anyway, I don't have any adventures lined up until maybe November 2010 [except for some concerts here and there if I'm lucky enough to get tickets], so I'm gonna be a boring old hag and post old material to just ease on the boredom on lag times. Yes, I may be able to finish reading a book by next month [yes, I'm that slow a reader], and hopefully I get my copy of Mockingjay soon!!! Although, as another friend told me, I have to finish Catching Fire first, read the last 4 books of Percy Jackson, and also get the Kane Chronicles, amongst others. Oh my. What a supposed busy life I would lead!

And so, I want to pack my bags again, go out to some place I haven't been before, but for now, I'm just gonna content myself with what I imagine and see through books and shows.

That is all.

I cannot wait for August 30th. It's a HOLIDAY. Woohooo. NO WORK!!!
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Macau: Wynn, Grand Lisboa, Hotel Lisboa

So, you arrived in Macau in the evening. It's literally your first day in Macau. Now what can you do?

If you took the same flight as I did [Cebu Pacific arrival into Macau from Manila -- arrival around 9:30PM, and after clearing immigrations, getting your bags, and taking a bus or a taxi to your hotel and checking in, and its now 10:30PM] then here's some tips on what you can do if you still have the energy to go out and make the most out of your trip.

Well, after a harrowing experience riding the AP1 bus -- where some Chinese people don't queue and just run ahead of you and taking a shuttle bus, walking to the hotel and checking in, checking out the rooms, my friend and I got restless. And so we took a short walk from Metropole Hotel to watch the fountain shows at Wynn and also the Tree of Prosperity & Dragon show. The fountain shows are until 12mn, with 15 minute intervals in the middle. I managed to watch "Colours of the Wind", which is the second to the last show, while the last fountain show is the best - slated for 12mn! The title is "Hero" and is complete with fire effects. Loved it!! The Tree of Prosperity & Dragon Show are alternating, and happens every 30 minutes near the casino.

Once inside the Wynn area, before the tree of prosperity and dragon show do look up and check out the awesome animals that make up the Chinese New Year. There's the rat, the monkey, the horse, among others. It's absolutely breathtaking! Take lots of photos too! I loved the bottom part of the area which shows the earth, I think. Those two golden designs are trapdoors which open up during the shows!

If you can afford it, you could also try and look through some of the shops that line up inside the Wynn concourse. I myself took a peek at the Ferrari store in hopes of buying a stuffed toy, which turned out to be absolutely expensive! Never mind! I can't afford any of the stuff they have to offer =p

Can I just add that I love the carpeting of Wynn? It's so soft! I swear, when my feet were hurting because of all the walking, I just wanted to walk barefoot in the carpet, which of course, I didn't do. Do check out the chandelier at the Wynn! It's red! Cute! And take a peek at the gorgeous Wynn pool. If I were rich, I would've checked in this hotel in an instant!

And.. of course, after you've explored Wynn, you have to go have your photos taken in the streets at the other casinos! The Grand Lisboa is known for its pineapple-shaped building structure! You could see it from far away!

See? Even if you don't have enough money for gambling or can't take the risk, you can still enjoy the casinos of Macau! More on my trip on my next Macau blog =)

Macau: Sample Itineraries and Places to Go

Since I'm bored and my download + video conversion is taking forever, might as well continue with my Macau blogs :)

Here's some ideas on how to plan your trip and where to go to [grouped together accordingly for easier navigation -- which places are near to each other, etc etc]

Mount Fortress [Opens at 8am]
Macau Museum [opens at 10am; entrance fee around 10MOP, i think?]
St Paul's Ruins [Open 24/7]
Musem of Sacred Art & Crypt [behind St. Paul's ruins] -- 10AM; Free of Charge!
Na Tcha Temple [8AM] --> teeny tiny temple located beside St. Paul's Ruins
Old City Walls --> Very near Na Tcha temple. Not entirely tourist-worthy but might as well drop by while you're near the area

**around 5-10 minutes walk from St Paul's Cathedral are**
St Anthony's Church [opens 730AM]
Protestant Cemetery [opens 9AM] --> teeny tiny cemetery, first I thought it would overwhelm me with the size but not quite :)
Camoes Square
Camoes Garden [930AM]

Cathedral Square
Cathedral [730AM]
Lou Kau Mansion [9AM]
Holy House of Mercy [10AM; closed on Sundays]
Senado Square
St Dominic's Square
St Dominic's Church [10AM]
Museum of Sacred Arts [right beside St Dominic's Church. No entrance fee but feel free to give donations! It's four floors of Catholic relics]
Sam Kai Vun Temple -- old temple.

Macau Tourism Office [Lol this isn't historic but worth dropping by there to get some maps & other flyers that you would need for the trip.]
General Post Office -- quaint building
Leal Senado [Open from 9AM onwards; closed on Mondays] -- worth taking photos in the garden & the staircase!
St. Augustine's Church
St. Augustine's Square
Dom Pedro V Theatre
Robert To Hung Library [open 10AM onwards]
St. Joseph's Seminary & Church
St. Lawrence's Church

Mandarin House -- loved this place! It's huge!
Lilau Square [teeny tiny square]
Moorish Barracks [Open from 9Am-6PM]
A-Ma Temple [Open 9AM-6PM]
Macau Maritime Museum [Entrance fee: 10MOP]
Penha Church/Penha Hill [Love the views in Penha hill! Church is also gorgeous! You could see this church from the island and is a breath of fresh air compared to the other churches in Macau]
Macau Tower [entrance fee: 100 MOP --> engage in the sky jump, bungee jump or sky walk x if you dare.. and if you've got the funds, of course]

Guia Hill Municipal Park [Ride the cable car!! So cheap, it's a short line but FUN!]
Guia Fortress --> lighthouse & the church are a must see!!
Lau Lim Leoc Garden
St. Michael's Cemetery
Orient Arch
St. Lazarus Church
Tourism Activities Centre [Grand Prix Museum & Wine Museum]

Vasco de Gama Garden
Tap Seac Gallery

Wynn [catch the fountain show, the Tree of Prosperity & the dragon show!!]
Casino Lisboa
Grand Lisboa -- love the pineapple shape of this casino and hotel!
Worth walking around the street and getting photos with the amazing lights of these casinos at night

Fisherman's Wharf [great place, but I was surprised that this place is not teeming with tourists! Just across from the Sands casino]
Lotus Flower in Full Bloom
Jai Alai Casino

TOUR A: [Optional, if you guys have more time to spend in Macau]
Lin Ze Xu Museum
Mong Ha Fortress
Mong Ha Park
Red Market
Mantanha Russa Garden
Islamic Mosque & Cemetery
Kun Lam Temple
Communications Museum

Barrier Gate
Sun Yat Sen Park

Handover gifts museum of Macau
Macau Cultural Centre
Macau Art Museum
Macau Science Museum

Hac Sa Park & Beach
Coloane Village: President A.R. Earnes Square, Church of St Francis Xavier, Tin Hau Temple, Tam kung Temple
Museum of Nature & Agriculture
Seac Pai Van Park
Coloane Park
Alto de Coloane Park
A-Ma Cultural Village
A-Ma Statue [GOLD!!]

Kun Lam Rock
Four-Faced Buddha [seen a four-faced buddha in HK before, in Repulse Bay, but idk how big this Buddha is]
Macau Stadium & Olympic Centre
Taipa Village: Taipa Houses Museum
Ka Sin Tong Temple, Our Lady of Carmel Church, Municipal Garden, Tin Hau Temple & Pak Tai Temple

COTAI STRIP: [mostly casinos]
Venetian [do watch the shows and my post about the venetian! =) ]
Hard Rock Hotel [I'm loving the memorabilia in this hotel!]
City of Dreams
Four Seasons [there's a passageway from the Venetian to the Four Seasons]

And that's it! Any questions, let me know =)

Music: One Night Only

I know I haven't blogged in the loooongest time! Life has been extremely hectic for me on the work front, and it has been hell sometimes. I haven't even finished a book or a telly series in a long time!

Anyhoo, just wanted to share my new obsession: British band One Night Only [ONO]. Fronted by George Craig [who also happens to be Emma Watson's beau], I'm loving their style, and of course, their music!
Britpop at its finest! teehee! They're currently an Indie band and their new single "Say You Don't Want It" will be out next week! Wheee!!! The album will be out at the last week of August 2010 too.

I'll leave you with a video of Say You Don't Want It. Love. Love. Love.

Did you guys see the twist at the end? Loving this video!! And the band.. and everything else in between! teehee!

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