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[Review] 50 Shades of Grey - EL James

So, what can I say about this book? Other than.. I cannot believe I read it? Don't mind the pictures though, I only read the first book and I've no clue if I will still read the next two books. Maybe, maybe not. That seems to be a common expression for me nowadays.

So, what do I like about the book? Erm.. Rather, what don't I like about the book? First off, Anastasia is just so shallow, even her language in the book is shallow - she must have said a bazillion "Holy Cows, or holy crap", or whatever else she kept on saying that just annoyed me to bits and pieces and that is one of the reasons why it took me forever to finish reading this book. Secondly, she does sound like a hooker. I'm sorry but yes, she does.

So, what else can I complain about this book? Yes the scenes were graphic, and yes, some were plain horrible for me, and it was just each and every scene was full of BDSM scenes you'll get sick and tired of reading about their exploits.

This book reminded me a lot about Twilight - I can't wait to throw it on the floor but I can't because when I start reading something I make it a point to finish it.

Ugh... why did I have to read this book? Oh wait, I remember, I read it because my friend asked me to.
And why did I get myself pressured to reading it? Ugh... the things I get myself into.

So, back to my original question.. would I still read the next 2 books?
I don't know - perhaps if my friend would let me borrow the next two books? But honestly? I don't have time to read such crap anymore.

Anything you can do, i can do better...

So I woke up this morning because I had a dream about you.
The funny thing was I rarely dream vividly, like I really remember what I dreamt about.
I wouldn't go into the details here but really, it was odd. I mean why you?
Course you had some impact on my life and at some point in time was a huge part of it, not anymore!

But seriously, instead of feeling sad or thinking I'm upset or wrecked, I had a thought: channeling my efforts somewhere else.

And so I did.

I don't want to post this on Facebook where you might never read it (of course you can't. I am nonexistent for you in FB now, whether you like it or not) so I will post this out in the world for you to see.

I am learning better skills to make me a better traveller. And that will form part of being me. I am doing what I can to travel more but spend less. Oh wait, I am already doing that. But I can be better.

You should know that I am NOT stupid. I know I am not. The way you treated me was unjustifiable.

I'm getting back by this.. and letting the whole world know (if anyone might have happened to chance upon this) how I rose up from this.

South America and Europe, watch out for me.
The Carribean? Yes, I will get there too.
Australia, New Zealand, remote Pacific Islands, hell yes.

And the best part of it is I aim to do all this without struggling as much with money as you!

I'm smart with my time and my money and of learning new things. Just in case you don't know.

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The Fault In Our Stars - John Green

Hope. Its the one word that makes keeps us human. It is what keeps us going every single day of our lives. It is the one thing that people cling on to when they feel that all is lost in the world. Hope for a new beginning, a sudden turn of events, a new job, anything.
Hope is what makes us be us.
I loved this book by John Green. It is a tale of Hazel and Augustus, of finding, and losing love, and not afraid of falling in love even when knowing you are about to kick the bucket soon.
Of giving what you have the most, your innermost thoughts and feelings to one person whom you know might not be around for long with you.
The book was full of quotable quotes and of meaning and joy.
It sure made me sit up and think about what I have in my life and just live everyday to the fullest. As these two characters definitely lived with uncertainty - will they still wake up tomorrow?
Of soing things you never would have thought of. Of getting rid of things and thoughts that make you unhappy. Of sacrifice and of thinking about other people first instead of yourself. Of putting yourself out there.
Reading this book defintely made me want to jump on a plane and go to Amsterdam. Of just flying to Holland, a teeny tiny country in Europe with so much history and culture I am sure I would have a blast exploring it. Of being my second favourite city in the whole wide world, even though I have not yet set foot on it. It is magical. It just is.
The book has painted a wonderful picture of Amsterdam to me, and googling the photos of the houses and the canals lit up at night, it just charmed me to bits and pieces.
This book made me cry. I never thought I would enjoy such a book but I did. Even through the hype, I still loved it and I'm glad I got to read it before the film comes out. The film should paint a beautiful picture of this tale, unlike some others that have butchered the tale like crazy.
The weekend that I type this blog has just been one full of hope.
From reading this book, from watching The Great Gatsby, and researching for places to go to in my new future home, it was just so exciting. A new beginning, a new life, a new turf.
This all came with a price, of course, if you may have noticed my blog posts before this.
So I had better wrap up this post before I get too personal. Read this book, just do. It is just one of those things you'll have to do. No doubt it will be one of those modern classics everyone will keep on going about.

A week later.

Write what you are thinking about. So i will.

I will never regret what happened. Never.
If you do by any chance get to read this, I know that you are happy now. And i want you to know that in a strange way, I am happy too.
I am happy for myself, and all the strange and wonderful opportunities that I know are coming my way.

And I also want you to know I don't hate you. I just want some time to myself, and I dont want to be friends with you. Not just yet.

Maybe in some bizarre situation we might see each other again. Maybe, maybe not.

I never regret anything. All the things I told you were true.

Thank you for the memories. It was fun, while it lasted.

I have to thank a friend who is so special to me who makes me think that the world is still big and I have soo many things yet to discover.
Thats just it.

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And then its done.

Like a wound that has scabed and healed.
It hurt like hell at first when you get wounded
Then you accidentally do something to tear it open again, just when it was healing.
And then you realize that it has now scabbed over, the old, ugly skin, deformed and peeling off, leaving pinkish white skin in the bottom.
It may not be the same as your old skin, but new skin nontheless.
It will eventually be the same colour, and will have the same functions. Over time, you will be the one taking out the scabs yourself, eager to reveal the skin underneath.
And then you realize... wow, im new, im healed.
The reasons why the wound was there was forgotten.
Ready to face the world again.
Its all for the better.
Everything has a reason.
Pick yourself up, you are new, you are healthy, have fun.
Keep discovering, and if you get wounded again, remember its a lesson.
Everything is a lesson.
Its just up to you to learn how to get up after a fall and deal with bruises or scars that was left behind.
Because eventually all those will just be that, left behind, as you move forward.

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