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Review: The Simpsons Family History

The Simpsons Family History The Simpsons Family History by Matt Groening
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super cute book. Initially bought this as a gift for Peter for Valentine's Day - mainly because I saw it on sale at Barnes & Noble and thought it would look great in our family library.

We're both big fans of the Simpsons, and we love the series so if you have a book dedicated to them with lots of photos and cool text we're all up for it.

While the photos look like they're screen captures from the TV show itself, the book tells us the story of the Simpsons family - how Homer and Marge met, all the way from when they were first at camp, to high school, to getting engaged, married, and having Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

The book also explores Homer's many jobs along the way and shows how dedicated of a husband and a father he is. It also gives a brief background on Abe Simpson, who is the son of an immigrant, I would have to say! If America's most favorite family comes from a line of immigrants then surely that will say how diverse America is and how open the country is (or was, depends on when you look and read this post).

I would say, this book gave a bit more color on Homer, and how he sacrificed a lot of things just to be with Marge and his family. The final part of the book coincides with the first episode ever of the Simpsons, on how they acquired Santa's Little Helper (their dog).

Overall, a great book that can be a great addition for any library if you are fans of the TV show.

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