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South Korea: Yongpyong Hostel

This is probably the worst hostel I'd ever stayed at, sorry to say.

For one of the most highly regarded ski resorts in Korea, this hostel clearly did not meet my expectations.

Don't get me wrong, the bed isn't too bad and so is the room. They've got these double deck beds which have curtains in them to ensure that you still have your privacy.

My pet peeve was the bathroom. The toilets smelled horrible but they are clean, which was a relief. However, the showers made my blood boil.

There were like 12 shower heads and no divider between them! Oh my god!! I can't shower in front of a whole load o other people! That is a bloody invasion of my privacy!!! I woul have prefered that there were at least flimsy dividers between the showers but nooooo

Everyone just locks the conmunal door and just waits for one to finish. Not very efficient indeed.

The kitchen made me feel like I was dining in a military camp. It had rows of long tables and does not have that homey feel I was looking for.

There's no wifi in the hostel - you've got to go to another building just to get service. No lounge areas where u coul just hang out with other people in the hostel in front of the telly.

I got annoyed when they turned off the heater in my room the first night I was staying here. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold only to turn on the heater again, which took forever to jest the entire room.

I got turned off immediately but I've got no real choice since I'm staying for a few nights to snowboard - which i could only do certain times of the year.

Then again the hostel is almost deserted! There's only 2 of us in our room .

Bloody hostel... I'm probably never coming back to yongpyong, even I they're going to be hosting the 2018 winter olympics. Ill try another resort next time.

Korea: Arrival

I'm typing this as I am waiting for the AREX commuter train to leave the station.

This was a whirlwind few hours so far. My first solo backpacking trip abroad, I fell asleep for a measly two hours on the plane, arrived at Incheon International Airport in South KoreA and basically people watched the entire time!

Oooooohhhh the seats are really warm in the commuter train! Not so shabby! I've actually prepared myself for the weather - would you believe it is -11 degrees at the moment? And for someone who has never seen snow, this has been a welcome experience for me!

Anyway, upon arriving at the airport, I had to walk quite a lot to get to the health check couter, had to board a train to head off to the immigration area (like hong kong!) and finally got my fingerprints scanned and photo taken until I'm cleared to get my luggage and off I go!

Had to get my usd changed to Jew at Hana bank at the airport then use that money to buy a t-money card at a convenience store to ride the train.

The t-money card is a pay as you go card where you could top up a certain amount from a convenience store and you could use it on buses, the subway, and to buy stuff from the stores. Sure beats having to know their money and count change and stuff!

I'm on my way to Hongik University, where my hostel is. Oooooh the seat is really hot! And it's finally above
Ground! I'm getting my first views of Korea!!!!!

England: Cambridge

Greetings from Cambridge! I went there a few months ago and since I am in a wifi bus, I might as well blog and share some photos and insights from this trip.

Cambridge is around an hour away from London. Managed to get a train and we were there in a jiff! We were a large group so we managed to get a group discount on the train (less cost!)

Our main reason for going to Cambridge? Well, to see the university of course!

Unfortunately for us, when we arrived, it was raining cats and dogs. After hopping on the bus from the train stn to the town centre, it became more clear that the rain would not let up. And so, a stopover at nando's was necessary for lunch.

Still raining so ducked into Sedgwick Museum. It finally let uo a few mins after and managed to walk around the streets taking photos whilst queuing for the punting!

It was definitely a highlight of the day! We got a boat all to ourselves and enjoyed the River Cam while seeing the colleges and dormitories around.

More about the unis on another post!

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